One of several wildfires blazing in California has caused people to evacuate their homes. In dash cam footage posted to YouTube by Edward Czajka, viewers can see for themselves the overwhelming flames and smoke that threaten people as they escape the dangerous situation. 


While the footage certainly indicates the threat of the flames, there is something else that is caught on video that will pull at your heartstrings. By chance, a touching act of kindness is captured as a motorist leads horses to safety. 

By nature, animals know to avoid fire. This fear can cause disorientation that could lead to injury or death. Realizing this, the motorist guides the animals through the flames toward a horse trailer where they are safe from the danger of the fire. 

The LA Times indicates that various wildfires throughout California have impacted over 70,000 acres total and has required the assistance of over 5,000 firefighters. This particular blaze measured at 70 square miles and had burned down at least 200 structures. At the date of reporting from the LA Times, two people perished in the fire. 

According to recent reports by InciWeb, the cause of the fire in the Lake Isabella area impacted over 48,000 acres. While the fire impacted land and homes, it is currently 98% contained and has transitioned from a stage 3 to a stage 4 fire as the threat continues to decrease. 

Check out the video to see the impact of the blaze and to catch the moment of heroism in the middle of chaos.